Mole Chicken

This is a very tasty dish, loads of flavor and intrigue, seems simple, and that’s the point, to make it fun and easy for you to try new Mexican dishes!

Traditionally Mole can take days to make, secret recipes handed down from generations and different from region to region in Mexico. My mole is a nod to these complex and divine recipes.  Be warned, it come with an allergen warning! as it contains peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, onion, chocolate, chilies, fruit … Traditionally Mole would be cooked over heat in a large pot, it would have chicken stock added to the cooking process. Chicken pieces would be added into the sauce to cook, then taken straight to the table and served with rice, beans, tortillas and side dishes. I have omitted the chicken stock and puree my Mole and jarred it to enable to get to you, this gives you the option to be vegan or not by adding your choice of stock to reconstitute the Mole.


1KG            Chicken pieces breast or thigh

1-3TLB       Mole

1/3 Cup        Stock or Water

Salt & Pepper

Oil for cooking


Firstly, take one or two tablespoons of Mole and put in a bowl add stock or water and turn into a sauce, you want it runny enough to cover the chicken and stick.

In a large pan or skillet put oil in pan, generously salt and pepper the chicken,

Place in pan and seal both sides, this only takes a couple of minutes, pour the Mole over Chicken and toss, your done! (add more mole and stock if need)

Depending on the size of your chicken or the pieces you choose make sure it’s cooked through.

To serve place chicken on a dish, sprinkle with sesame seeds or crushed peanuts and coriander.

Rice, warm tortillas, corn on the cob fresh salsa, cos lettuce for lettuce cups, beans are all lovely dishes to accompany Mole Chicken.