Mole Other options…

So, if you loved the Mole Chicken here are a few other ways to use it.

Note: Mole will last a couple of weeks in sealed jar in the fridge, or freeze and use as needed.

Chicken Wings

Cook your wings how you normally would, in the oven or deep fried the at the end of cooking take your reconstituted Mole (Stock/water + Mole in bowl to make a sauce) toss the wings in sauce sprinkle with sesame seeds and coriander even some thinly sliced red chillies for an extra kick and serve. Great for BBQ’s or a crowd!

Beef Mole

Cut some steak or grab some pre sliced packed meat from the butchery, season with salt and pepper and quick cook in pan with some oil this only takes a couple of minutes, then add the reconstitute mole to coat.

Add to a beef salad, lettuce cups, tortillas and a crisp coleslaw, lime wedges.


Depending on your choice of meat, either Pork or Beef, it’s a great alternative to your usual BBQ sauce, we use our Mexican Spice Mix and do a dry rub on ribs while cooking and finish the ribs with our Mole Sauce at the end while still on the BBQ and serve a bowl of Mole Sauce at the table for extra dipping!!


Marinate your prawns or fish in Mole, you can pep and freeze ready for next time or just marinate, cook and serve.

Island Twist

I love to try new things, and Mole with coconut milk and pineapple juice is delicious. Instead of stock or water use coconut milk and/or pineapple juice and reconstitute. Cook seafood, or Chicken this way, you could even use more Mole and have it served in the sauce and slow cook it instead of quickly in pan, then you have that lovely sauce to drizzle over your finished dish when serving.

I would grill fresh pineapple to serve or even a corn and pineapple salsa to serve on the side.

Serve on coconut leaves with rice, coriander and sliced chilies and lime wedges, yogurt and cucumber dressing on the side to cool the heat down if needed.