Ways to use Red Hot Kiwi Salsa

So waste is not an option!! If you have any salsa left and don’t know how to use it here are a few yummy ideas, I can’t live without Salsa, I truly eat it every day!!

Salsa can even be frozen and used later

Salsa on toast!

Sounds simple and it is, toast your favourite bread, I prefer grainy or Ciabatta, butter toast and pile on the salsa!

Add avocado on the toast then the Salsa OMG shut the front door!!

More decadent, toast, avocado, Salsa, sprinkle mixed seeds like black and white sesame seeds or roasted pumpkin seeds and coriander on top a squeeze of lime and coriander leaves.

Now really shut the front door!!!

If your trying to stay away from cabs, (who isn’t!) then substitute the bread/toast for crackers, I love rice crackers, do the avocado, Salsa lettuce and even fresh tomatoes, cucumber slices, even salsa and cottage cheese. These a healthy and satisfying breakfast, lunch or snack. Add chicken or ham.

Breakfast of Champions

Salsa and Eggs a common food found all over Mexico.

Scrambled or fried, with toast or warm tortillas, I love this, toast, add salsa and top with egg, add bacon if you like, a little drizzle of our Salsa Verde or Chipotle over the eggs for an extra zing.

Try Salsa and hummus, with our Tortilla Chips. We serve Salsa with a mix of hummus, olives, meats, cheese at parties or if you’re watching a good sports game.

Salsa with fresh vegetables, celery, carrot sticks, cauliflower or broccoli flowerets and hummus or ranch dip!


use a store-bought base, make your own or even cauliflower or broccoli base we put our salsa on as is, or you can puree it and use as your pizza sauce, top with your favourite toppings.

I love to do Salsa first then Mozzarella and fresh basil, crushed chilli flakes.

Hump Day!

Who can be bothered, cook your favourite pasta or whatever you have in the cupboard?

Toss cooked pasta in our Traditional Mexican Salsa, grate parmesan cheese over the top and serve.

Salsa and Chicken with Pasta

Boil salted water add olive oil to stop pasta sticking together.

While the water is coming to a boil, cut Chicken into cubes or strips, season with salt and pepper.

Cook the chicken and pasta at the same time.

Put chicken in pan with some olive oil, meat will only take a few minutes, add salsa, coat the chicken, turn pan down.

When pasta is cooked, drain (save a little of the pasta water) and combine with the Chicken and Salsa if needed add pasta water to loosen or give more sauce for dish.

Toss together, grate parmesan cheese over top, add coriander leaves or julienned basil leaves.

Serve with a fresh green salad and crispy garlic bread or warm tortillas.

Marinate meats

Fish or Chick even Steak can be marinated in our Salsa.

The chillies and Fresh Lime juice get right in and breaks down the meats letting all that lovey flavour in and making the meat tender.

You can bake or BBQ the meat.

To Bake. Put Chicken or whatever meat into a baking dish I use glassware, some olive oil season the meat smoother with Salsa. Cover with tinfoil and bake.

BBQ. Put marinated meat either straight on to grill or bake in foil packages over flame.


Try tossing Brussel Sprouts or beans in salsa once you have cook or grilled them, it’s great! Add sliced Almonds, or seeds to top or try cooked and crumbled chorizo or bacon for a salty finish.

Toss your roasted veges in our salsa at the end, delicious.

Baked Potato, butter, sour cream and a dollop of Salsa.

In or On Soups.

A dollop on the top of a plain soup will elevate to another level. I will share my pumpkin soup recipe with you shortly…